in60seconds develops creative concepts, infographics, video productions and animations. We specialise in communicating complex messages in a minimum amount of time. We introduced the term ‘explanimation’: an animation video designed to clarify, explain or promote. We work on the basis of the ’60-second principle’, which is based on the assumption that internet users are willing to invest roughly one minute of their time to listen to a message. We believe in the power of infographics and video as a way to communicate information effectively. The combination of text, image and sound makes it possible to communicate a large amount of information in a short space of time while making a major impact. Another factor is that people no longer accept information to be provided in text format alone, and our goal is to communicate our clients’ message in the most effective way, using the style that most suits the company’s brand and positioning. We therefore spend a significant amount of time analysing information, the target audience and the desired impact. This results in a clear, concise story told in an appealing visual style that suits both the message and the client’s organisation.

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