Yulia Kryazheva

Yulia Kryazheva is an interdisciplinary designer, researcher and illustrator with a deep interest for social innovation, complex issues and people-oriented design approach. She was born and grew up in Novosibirsk, Russia. In 2006 she graduated as architect (Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture & Fine Arts) and moved to the Netherlands, where she started her professional career in architecture and design. For 4 years she worked on a number of projects at “iistudio”: architectural concepts, software and interface development, workshops for kids, graphic design and illustration. Next to design work Yulia often joined non-commercial projects: field research on the social quality of mass housing neighborhoods, developing an urban game for Play the City for Istanbul, initiating with P2P Urbanism foundation “open p2p toolbox to improve your city”, helping a student initiative  "Future Faculty" at TU Delft, etc. Now she is mastering her expertise in visual communication & design thinking in her own studio Yulia Ink.

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