Ayrton Senna's fastest lap virtually recreated

Now that Gran Studio and Reframing Studio have joined forces we once again have become inspired to aim at mobilty as a domain in desperate need of critical thought. Gran’s new video of the SCG 003 testing at the Vallelinga race track popped up a 2014 Ars Electronica award winner back into my mind linking it to a plan submitted four years ago to radically rethink highway functionality. In a team with road constructors Ballast Nedam, traffic consultants DTV and Wurck architects we proposed to build the N329 as an interactive platform powered by driving data collected form the on-board telemetry systems. These 'OBD systems' collect data from the car’s engine and other vital parts, communicates these to the platform enabling the highway to respond with sensible support: advice, warnings. By the time cars are rethought auto pilot assistance is implementable.


Our plan was accepted, it won a prize but eventually the plan was stripped of its experimental technology until a slab of asphalt remained. Someday cars will be interconnected with roads for sure and have a look how exiting that may be: Have a look at this clip narrating a Honda effort to recreate Ayrton Senna's fastest lap on the Suzuka racetrack. This is an actual event that happened in the past, digitally restored, virtually recreated and finally re-enacted in the real world delivering something a 'Ghost-experience' of the actual event.


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