Bussemaker: temstem a great example of mixing disciplines

Ms Jet Bussemaker, Dutch Minister of Culture and Education of the Netherlands, mentions our app temstem as a great example during the ECIA (European Creative Industries Alliance) conference in Amsterdam:

"What makes the creative industry such a driving force within our society is the fact that it is per definition a sector that mixes disciplines and fields of expertise. One such very recent innovation is the ‘Temstem’ app, which won the Rotterdam Design Award in 2013 and uses new technologies in combination with psychology. The idea behind this app is to help people who suffer psychoses silence or at least quieten the voices in their minds by distracting the language centre in the brain with language games. The language centre of the brain becomes so pre-occupied with solving language riddles that it essentially drowns out the voices. A great innovation in a thriving sector."

Your can find the full speech here


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