Future thinking gives meaning in life

Inducing people to think about the past or future versus the present enhances self-reported meaning in life, through the generation of more meaningful events.

This was stated in a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Mental simulation, the process of self-projection into alternate temporal and spatial realities leads to a sense of enhanced meaning. The research sheds light on an important determinant of meaning in life and suggests that undirected mental simulation benefits psychological well-being.

Apparently, the Reframing methodology can not only be put to use to create meaningful products, services and policies for a future audience, but will also benefit to our clients psychological well-being and sense of meaning in life.

Source: Mental stimulation and meaning in life; Adam Waytz, Hal E Hershfield, Diana I Tamir; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 02/2015; 108(2):336-55

Illustration: Ingrid Fløgstad





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