Masterclass: the bigger picture for e-health

Matthijs van Dijk and Femke de Boer were recently invited to give a masterclass on designing mental health care services and meaningful e-health solutions. This masterclass, intended for care givers, clients, IT developers and insurance companies was organised by GGZ Nederland (Dutch association of Mental Health and Addiction Care) and E-Hulp. We aimed to introduce participants to the basic principles of the reframing method.

Most current e-health platforms simply digitalize a part of the traditional care scenario. In the masterclass we explored how future e-health solutions can transform patient behaviour or change the client-clinician relationship in profound ways. In a case study we presented temstem to illustrate how e-health can contribute to more effective treatment.

Read more about this masterclass in this blog post by Wiede VissersĀ (in Dutch).


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