Matthijs' influence on the car design world

Matthijs van Dijk features in Autoblog’s list of 15 dutch influencers in the car design world along with four of his former students at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft): Doeke de Walle, Ramon Ginah, Wouter Kets and Sarkis Benliyan.

Over the last twenty years, Matthijs, Elmer van Grondelle and Koos Eissen have lead the Automotive Design classes in the Industrial Design Engineering master programme there, as well as the Minor in Automotive Design.

The Delft Industrial Design department appears to be quite an incubator for automotive design talent as it has also brought forth some important players like Adrian van Hooydonk (BMW), Fedde Talsma (Volvo), Lowie Vermeersch (Gran Studio, Pininfarina) en Laurens van den Acker (Renault).



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