NWXSE makes the headlines in Turkey

For those of you who have been wondering what these NWXSE guys were up to down there in Turkey, one of the leading Turkish newpapers Miliyet featured an interview with NWXSE's main client  Semih ?eftali, CEO at Esse.

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The article is on his strategies which are based on the results of the NWXSE reframing workshop. This workshop is part of the NWXSE approach giving our clients a Giant Leap over the competiotion in no time in their domain.

Some of you may not read Turkish, here is the transcription:

'The children of the next traditional sector'
Chairman of Esse, Semih ?eftali said that their research revealed four different consumer models. According to the research, future of retail is in the children of traditional people.
Chairman of Esse, Semih ?eftali said that they made a research about consumer profiles and shopping practices. He added  “We wanted to see the effect of change in Turkey towards shopping tendencies.” ?eftali, who indicated that the number of traditional people that are outside of Ye?ilköy- Ni?anta?? line are growing, explained that they made this research with a Dutch design firm.
?eftali said “At the end of this study four main groups appeared”.  He continued : “One of these groups is Esse’s classical Akmerkez customers. These people’s food taste is advanced; they eat the meat with steak knife. There is no growing in the number of these people. They do not cook so often. But if they cook, they care about the material they use.
Second group is conservative, traditional and close to changes. They think that haricot bean can be cooked in any pan. But haricot bean can be cooked best in foundry pan. There are suburban and Anatolian consumers in this group.
“Retail customer of future”
?eftali said that third and forth groups are children of the first and second groups and continued: “Third group consists of children of the first group. This group could be described as withdrawn. They do not need to make money. Marriage is rare in this group and they marry lately. They usually eat outside. Spending motivation is based on the enjoyment. Monet they get is not increasing, whereas the money they spend on other things than food is growing up.
Forth group is the children of traditional people. They act differently from their parents. They want power both in the sense of status and money. The number of marriage is high and spending motivation is big. They are the retail customer of future. In other words, future is in the new generation of traditional section.
“We focus on local”
Semih ?eftali said that they gave priority to local production and continued: “We gave up the claim to sell any product in any shop. We offer production according to location.” ?eftali explained that this research practice affected sales positively and said “This system affected the sales especially in our shops in Anatolia, increased the sales at 25%.” He said that as Esse they have 400 employers and their revenue aim of this year is 90 million TL.
“We sell most rice pan”
Semih ?eftali said that as Esse they have 55 shops and continued: “We have also a shop in north Iraq, Erbil. We are about to open a shop in Baku. ?eftali indicated that there is no growing potential in Turkey and said “To grow up gaining ground in the East is a must.” ?eftali said that they plan to open 7 new shops this year and explained that as Esse they sell most rice pan. ?eftali said: “We want to sell any types of pans in the world. Our slogan is so: Say what you want to cook and let us say which pan to use.”



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