Open Minds: Vision on mental health care and well-being in Flanders in 2025

Zorgnet Icuro is preparing the Open Minds conference on Mental Health and it's roots in all aspects of society. We help them create a vision on (mental) health care and well-being in Flanders in 2025. Currently we are developing concrete product-service combinations, based on this vision, that will have a meaningfull effect for future citizens of Flanders. Both the vision and the concrete interventions will be presented on the Open Minds seminar May 26-27, 2016.
This video was broadcasted by Z-Healthcare at and produced by Zorgnet Icuro.

Mental health is the engine of human life, the barometer for any society. In Flanders, that barometer opoints to change today. We strive for a society that cherishes mental health, which ensures that there is mental well-being for everyone. This requires open minds. Open minds that can give shape to future-proof innovation in mental health. Open minds that dare to look beyond their own circle, their own organization or their own policy domain. Open minds that want to be inspired to be inspiration themselves. Mental health is of everyone’s interest. Anyone involved, voluntarily or professionally, can draw the future of mental health care.

Mark May 26 & 27, 2016 in your calendar. Because that's when Zorgnet-Icuro's conference Open Minds will take place.


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