Professor van Dijk adresses the International Energy Conference “Technological Basis for Creation of Russia’s New Energy”

Matthijs van Dijk and Marcel Vroom jointly travelled to Moscow and Vroom delivered a speech at the International Energy Conference “Technological Basis for Creation of Russia’s New Energy”. The conference was conducted on November 25-26, 2010 under the auspices of the Foundation for Development of the Center of Research and Commercializing of New Technologies - Skolkovo Foundation.

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The conference was conducted within the framework of the “Energy Foresight of the Russian Federation” project, initiated by the RF Ministry of Energy, Federal Tariff Service, OAO SUEK, Rosatom Nuclear Energy  State Corporation. All conference preparations were coordinated by the Center for Strategic Research “North-West”.

The first day sessions were moderated by Oleg Alexeyev, Vice-President – Managing Director for Education and Research of the Skolkovo Foundation  and Vladimir Knyaginin,  Director of the Center for Strategic Research “North-West”. The second day sessions were led by Andrei Volkov, Rector of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo and Denis Kovalevich, Director of the Strategic Management Department, Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation.

Among the participants of the event were representatives of global energy companies, expert and consulting organizations, representatives of regulatory systems and universities from Russia, UK, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA, Finland and France.

The Russian side was represented by representatives of organizations that initiated the energy foresight project, largest energy sector companies, research institutions, universities and expert community.

The total number of conference participants: 108 delegates.



  • Rauno Rintamaa, Vice President “VTT Business Solutions Energy”, subject of speech - "VTT and Renewable Energy Trends in Finland".


  • Doug Cooke, Head of Europe, Middle East & North Africa Division – Energy Diversification IEA, subject of speech - "Innovation and Regulation in an Era of Transition";
  • Trevor Morgan, Senior Economist, IEA, subject of speech - "World Energy Outlook 2010". 

Great Britain

  • Tim Green, Professor, Imperial College London, "Smart Grid Opportunities to Aid a Low-Carbon Future”
  • Sandro Macchietto, Professor, Imperial College, London, subject of speech - “Energy Model Infrastructure"
  • Katja Yafimova, Research Fellow “Gas Research Oxford Institute of Energy Studies”, subject of speech - "Transit of Russian gas to Europe across western CIS countries: legal / regulatory frameworks"  


  • Gabor Szorenyi, Chairman ERRA, Director for the Hungarian Energy Office, subject of speech - "Continuous development in market regulation Exogenous factors of national energy strategies".  


  • Pietro Barbucci, Engineering and Innovation SpA «Enel», subject of speech - "Towards zero emission power generation from fossil fuels".


  • Christian Cleutinx, Director General "EURATOM - Supply Agency", subject of speech - "The EU Energy Strategy 2011-2020".

the Netherlands

  • Laura Baird Partner, the architect "Office for Metropolitan Architecture" (OMA), subject of speech - "In order to stay competitive, can Russia move beyond oil and gas?";
  • Matthijs van Dijk, Professor TU Delft, Managing Director "KVD reframing and design BV", subject of speech – “Perspective! Vision for Future Consumption. Transformation of urbanization and the era of smart cities” ;
  • Marcel Vroom, Director "MVAVD design", subject of speech - "The era of smart cities"  

New Zealand

  • Valeriy Vyatkin, Senior Lecturer with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of “Industrial Informatics and Infomechatronics” research lab., subject of speech – "SmartGrid is greater than smart grid. News from Research Labs".


  • Michael Akim, Director of Strategic Development Department "ABB" Russia, subject of speech - "The Road to 2030. Revolution or Evolution. Industry development: Management, economy, energy efficiency, process technology optimization" (Russian language);
  • Vladimir Chuprov, Head of energy department of Greenpeace in Russia - subject of speech -  "Global tendencies in energy production and consumption" (Russian language);
  • Karl Elfstadius, ABB, subject of speech - "Smart Grid Models. Future Energy Resources".
  • Irina Gaida, Partner, Head of Energy expert group (BCG), subject of speech - "Gas competitive dynamics in NW Europe";
  • Dominique Fache, General Director for Russia and CIS «Enel», subject of speech - "Centralized energy systems";
  • Boris Firsov, Senior Partner "Roland Berger", subject of speech - subject of speech – “New moblity. To electric traction future (Russian language)” ;
  • Jose Izquierdo, Senior Transport Engineer “ARUP”, subject of speech - "Factors and trends shaping mobility of the future";
  • Bernhard Lang, Group Leader, Corp. Technology, Siemens LLC, subject of speech - "Innovations for Centralized Energy Systems";
  • Oleg V. Markovsky, Head of Strategic Planning and Monitoring OJSC "Novatek", subject of speech - "Global energy resources. Natural gas market" (Russian language);
  • Klaus Muller, Partner “Roland Berger”, subject of speech - "Resource potential of renewable energy";
  • Konstantin Polunin, Principal “BCG” Moscow, subject of speech - "Efficient technologies fuel storage technologies" (Russian language);
  • Alexandre Sokovnin, Energy bussiness development director IBM Russia/CIS, subject of speech - "The Planet of Smart Cities: Growth in Prosperity through Intellect and Integration" (Russian language);
  • Stephan Solzhenitsyn, Partner “McKinsey”, subject of speech - "Energy-efficient Russia: Ways to reduce energy intensity" (Russian language);
  • Philip Whittaker, Principal BCG, subject of speech - "Heavy Oil: Challenges & Opportunities. The Global Picture and its Implications for Russia";
  • Patrick Willems, Programme Manager of IFC's development of renewable energy in Russia, subject of speech - "To a greener Russia".


  • Mischa Dohler, Leader of the Intelligent Energy [IQe] group at CTTC in Barcelona, subject of speech - "Smart Grids – An ICT Perspective ICT Technologies & Trends";


  • Matt Lazarewicz, Vice President & Chief Technical Officer “Beacon Power Corp”, subject of speech - "Status of Flywheel Energy Storage for Grid Scale  Frequency Regulation";
  • Julia Naney, Senior Director - Markets & Country Strategies Group, PFC Energy, subject of speech - “Future Consumption Outlook In An Era of Smart Cities”;
  • Richard O’Neill, Chief Economic Advisor, United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, subject of speech - "Smart, Clean, Flexible and Responsive Future Markets"; 
  •  Dmitry Paramonov, Increase nuclear power capacity in Westinghous Project Manager, Service Department NPP Monroeville, USA, subject of speech - "CO2 neutral energy: Myth or instrument?" (Russian language)  
  • Aleksandr Rudkevich, Vice President “CRA”, subject of speech - "Creation of a single plan for development of the USA Eastern Interconnection grid or “American GOELRO plan"  (Russian language);
  • Robert B. Stoddard, Vice President, Practice Leader of Energy & Environment “CRA”, subject of speech - "Resource Adequacy:Theory, Practice and Challenges";
  • Arkal S. Shenoy, Director of Fission Reactor Programs at General Atomics, subject of speech - "?arbon free. High temperature gas cooled. Nuclear reactors  for process heat applications".

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The conference participants discussed primary trends and models for transformation of energy markets, new energy resources and technologies. Speakers delivered their speeches  within the framework of thematic blocks: “Transformation of urbanization and the smart cities era”, “New mobility”, “Energy efficient/non-wasteful production”,” National strategies for development of innovations in energy sector”, “New gas projects  “,”Heavy crude”, “Resource potential of renewable energy”, “Potential of clean coal”, “CO2-neutral energy, a set of promising technology solutions”, “Smart grid models”,” Energy storage”.
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Delegates and experts of the International Energy Conference “Technological Basis for  Creation of Russia’s New Energy”  believe the event gave  its participants a unique opportunity to get first hand information on problems and prospects for development of energy sector, to familiarize themselves with main trends and tendencies in different energy market sectors, to take part in presentation of the future energy architecture.



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