Reframing Studio is on the move

Since November we operate out of our new studio located in the centre of Amsterdam: an old dam with two revamped silo buildings houses a mix of creatives, artists, small businesses. These were re-developed in the nineties as a catalyst project for urban renewal of the so called IJ-shores, a ongoing effort aiming at restoring the lustre of the waterfront.  

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Both Grain silos have been redevelopped into mixed housing-work spaces which is to be considered a magnificent architectural and constructive accomplishment given the layout of a silo and the fact that the characteristics of the silo's have been respected: Both the 1896 romantic brick building by Jacob Klinkhamer as well as the 1952 'neue sachlichkeit' concrete silo arise on the dam in an impressive salute to the of evolution in building techniques, materials as well as architectural styles. The silo's seem not at all impressed by the neo hysterical MVRDV Silodam block at the end of the silodam. 

Everybody should check out Dave Carr's website for an in depth account of the history of the silodam and its silos. Including the historical origins, the colorfull squat-era as well as a documentation of the entire redevelopment.

If you are in the neighbourhood please feel free to visit us to enjoy the magnificent view!



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