Strategic Design book

Recently a new Strategic Design book was published for which our own Roald Hoope wrote the first chapter together with Prof. Paul Hekkert.

The role of design professionals' in innovation is growing towards a more strategic one. They are no longer just executors of new product and/or service design briefs but are increasingly involved in the crafting of these briefs and in the strategic decisions leading to these briefs. In order to effectively play this role, design professionals need to master a set of strategic practices - i.e., routinized actions and ways of working. However, since the strategic role of designers is a relatively new development, many designers lack knowledge on specific practices for acting effectively on a strategic level in innovation projects. This book proposes eight strategic design practices for design professionals who seek to grow or have already grown into a more strategic role in innovation. The practices are explained through tools and methods, and through case examples in which companies and designers have effectively used them. Additionally the book provides a set of guidelines that will enable design professionals to easily and quickly apply these practices in their next strategic design project.

The first chapter of the book on envisioning was written by senior reframer Roald Hoope together with prof. Paul Hekkert and features the Reframing method. It describes how design visions can be used as a strategic tool. The process of vision creation is illustrated with the KLM Crew Centre case study which you can find here. 

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