Utrecht Station opens Jaarbeurs Bike Parking Facility

In a joined effort, NS, ProRail and the city of Utrecht realised the first of a number of mega-bikeparks at Utrecht railway station. In an dramatic opening gesture, NS director Retail and Services Boukje Bügel, alderman Lot van Hooijdonk and ProRail Regio director Cees de Vries took their bikes and ripped a giant poster of the event to shreds.

The site will host 2000 bicycles including OV-fiets, electric bikes, cargo bikes and scooters. For bikers that have experienced a small setback, the facility features a fully equipped 'self repair' station.

The concept is that bike parking should be guarded and free for train travellers. A problematic aim since Dutch bike parks are usually filled with bikes that remain parked for weeks, months and very often forever. To ensure that the 2000 spots will not be clogged by these 'orphan bikes', an intricate monitoring system is employed that keeps track of the duration a bike has been inside: if the scanner reading exceeds a certain maximum, money will have to change hands.


Reframing Studio has been involved in the team designing the Branding of the Bike parking service as well as the Reception area including the layout and execution of the scanning and paying protocol. 


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