A vision on the future of Rotterdam, based on the input of 100 youngsters

The city of Rotterdam is a very young city with nearly a third of the city’s residents under the age of 27. Investing in these young people is investing in the future. How can the city of Rotterdam gain the lasting commitment of young people? The Young Economic Development Board Rotterdam approached KVD to create a shared vision on the future of Rotterdam that can function as a tool to create short-term real life solutions. The project aimed to discover what young people think their city should be like. A team of 100 young citizens explored their individual dreams, their shared dreams and interviewed experts. Based on their dreams for the future of Rotterdam one shared vision was developed.This vision was translated into a set of guidelines to create new solutions. The guidelines have been used to create new concepts that help young people out of debt and to create a vision on the city for the Rotterdam Climate Initiative.


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