WBS Digital Essay On line

KVD is involved in the WBS on-line strategies in redirecting Social Democratic politics. Together with digital developpers Infotude we created a neat 'content type': a Digital Essay.

The Wiardi Beckman Stichting is a Social Democratic Thinktank. Last saturday, 16th of february, facing a full house in cultural debating centre 'de Rode Hoed', WBS director Monika Sie Dhian Ho presented the conclusions of a two year investigative project in search of the Values Dutch citizens consider essential in their daily lives. The 'Van waarde' project analysed how these values came under threat, and what the social democratic answers should be. At the same occasion, the Social Democratic party (PvdA) presented a resolution containing the consequenses the PvdA steering commitee drew from the research project.

The 'Van waarde' project is boiled down into an essay published by Van Gennep. The book contains Monika Sie Dhian Ho's full text. In addition to this beautifull book, KVD and Infotude developped the digital version. This is what E-books should have offered in the first place: The text is inserted with images, annotations, audio- and video clips. These insertions are obscured, but may pop up 'on command' at a readers' requests by clicking on the cues in de sidebar.

The 'Van waarde' digital essay resides inside the WBS website

One of the key ideas in the WBS on-line strategy, is to transform the WBS audience from spectators into contributors. The 'Van waarde' project does exactly that: 'Van waarde' is the result of a massive amount of interviews, debates and discussions. But its results are not fixed: as the debate goes on, also the digital essay may become a source of input since we have added DISQUS to the digital essay: the sophisticated global commenting platform that affords contsructive commenting.

We are co-moderating the DISQUS forum and we are very exited to be witnessing the Digital Essay in action with the WBS visitors! Grab your Ipad, smartphone or laptop and comment!


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