"We believe mental healthcare can be saved by designers"

In the latest edition of CRISP magazine reframer Nynke Tromp and clinical psychologist and researcher David van de Berg talk about the role of designers in redesigning mental heatlhcare:

“Innovation is a much debated topic in the field of mental healthcare: we have been doing roughly the same thing for the last 150 years. In care, innovation now often means creating a digital version of an existing principle. (…) We need ‘tools’ that are not based on the old medical models, in which the service user is placed in a passive position, we need tools that trigger new or adaptive behaviour, tools that enable service users to cope with their mental health problems in their day-to-day lives: tools that empower people.”  

At the moment we are making concrete plans for continuous collaborations between Reframing Studio, Parnassia Psychiatric Institute and TU Delft for future design projects in the field of mental healthcare. You can read the full article here.



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