Check-in/out gate for bicycle parking facilities

further smoothening the process of registering bikes in bicycle parking facilities

In previous projects we worked together with NS Stations to create a vision and guidebook as well as furniture modules for coherently configuring and furnishing NS bicycle parking facilities around the country. As a continuation of the development of these bicycle parking facilities, NS Stations was searching for the next generation checking in/out process. They wanted to explore the possibilities of automatically registering bicycles by means of tags that can be picked up from a distance by sensors, when people pass through the entrance of the parking facility. Reframing Studio was asked to further develop this idea so that it could be tested in a pilot location.

The goal of the gate would be to further smoothen the checking in/out process and provide the possibility to check in automatically and ‘hands free’, by using the tags which are mounted on the bikes. The manager of the bicycle parking facilities would function as a host and trouble-shooter, rather than actively manage the checking in/out process.

Because the new process meant using new technologies, the gate had to be designed from scratch. On the other hand the design had to match with the identity of the recently developed gates, in order to be coherent with the existing parking facilities. Our challenge was to create a design that would put all hardware together, satisfying the technical constraints, while still being user-friendly, comprehensible and appealing in such a way that people feel comfortable using it.

 With 42Tech as a partner for dealing with all the sensory aspects of the gate, we worked out the design. Together with NS Stations and Gemeente Amsterdam and a big team of stakeholders we further fine-tuned the design for implementation on a pilot location in Amsterdam RAI.

Project kick-off: 
March 2016
Project delivered: 
January 2017
Product Design
Service Design
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Erik Kieskamp
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