Fryslân bus shelters

Next Stop Friesland! The augmented, rooted and layered shelter that talks back

The 'modernist' Bus Stop solution has become somewhat of a Designers Ukase: Prescribe uniform industrial shelters to create identity and engineer a minimalistic aesthetic construction using Glass and Aluminium to resist vandals on the assumption that demolishing a fragile construction makes no sense. At least in the province of Fryslân the result has  always been pulverished, incinnerated and demolished stops every week after drinking night and no such thing as an identity since the majority of these stops seem to have landed from outer space...

What are the characteristics of a Bus Stop a provincial authority should control in aiming to  create a coherent, recogniseable and widely appreceated bus stop network. 

Landscape architects HNS and Reframing Studio designers reframed the Bus stop question: The program challenges the parties to develop Stops that are sensibly merged into the local situation historically, geographically and architecturaly. In addition to that they should offer functionality not just to bus tavellers but also to bikers, bird spotters or whatever leisure seeking persons roam the Frysian countryside. The Stops are augmented and layered with electronic data that visitors may find usefull. Off course real time and localised iterny data, but also historic information, contextual info or an agenda. The program serves as a template for local implementation and grants a great deal of freedom towards individual local communities concerning the execution thereby stimulating variation and local industrial activity and production.

Project kick-off: 
August 2010
Project delivered: 
December 2010
Framework Development
Project size: 
Passenger Transportation, Ground & Sea
Project developers: 
Gijs Ockeloen
Michiel Boonacker
Rick Porcelijn
Roald Hoope

Deleverable is a report outlining the Framework that serves as a solid basis of all future Frysian Bus Stop decisions and designs.

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