Inflight meals

Serving breakfast in stratosphere

What is the emotional state passengers can be expected to find themselves in by the time breakfast is served? The Reframing Studio design team took this as the starting point for the development of a range of intercontinental economy class inflight meals for KLM. In this project Reframing Studio collaborated with emotions researcher Pieter Desmet from the TU Delft. The resulting breakfast, storage box and logistics break with the tradition of inflight restaurant meal imitations.

How can food match the emotional state of passengers during an intercontinental flight?

In a joint project, the design agency Reframing Studio (based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and the Department of Industrial Design Engineering of Delft University developed a series of in-flight meals for economy class intercontinental flights of KLM Air France. The aim was to introduce meals that elicit more pleasant emotions than those that are traditionally served during flights. Research indicated that the nature of the emotions that passengers want to experience differs according to the type of meal. An experiential character was defined for each type of meal. For instance, for the main breakfast meal the metaphor ‘the charger, like a morning walk in the park’ was used to express a character of being invigorating, engaging and dedicated. User testing by Pieter Desmet, professor from the TU Delft, demonstrated positive effects of the meals on emotional and mood responses of airplane passengers

Food and retail
Project kick-off: 
June 2005
Project delivered: 
January 2007
Product Design
Project size: 
Airline services
Project developers: 
Michiel Boonacker
Rick Porcelijn
Roald Hoope
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