reframing the food system

Reframing Studio X Food Hub


What if we could redesign the food system?

During Reframing the Food System, a co-creation of Food Hub and Reframing Studio, participants were introduced to the Reframing method with the use of a concrete casus: the future of our food system. 

The day started with a mini-lecture on the Reframing Method followed by a deconstruction of the current food system and an inspirational speech of three visionaries. After an inspiring and delicious lunch (by choux) the participants started their own context-research, interviewing, reading and observing. 

In preparation for the design-phase we walked from Spring House to Reframing Studio. At the design studio participants were immersed in the design process. And after a long, hot and inspiring day we ate pizza, drank beer and listened to each-others’ pitches. 

Food and retail
Project kick-off: 
August 2016
Project delivered: 
August 2016
Framework Development
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Beatrijs Voorneman
Food and retail
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