reframing Homelessness

Housing the homeless in 2026

Traverse offers shelter, care and support to homeless people in the region of Tilburg (the Netherlands). Traverse is often the last resort for a group in our society that otherwise have no place to stay or be. To ensure that Traverse’s proposition and services stay in line with future developments, they challenged Reframing Studio to create a vision on Housing and care for the homeless in 2026. 

Which concerns of both the homeless and society determine the value of homeless care and shelter in 2026?

In order to create and offer meaningful care, shelter, support and housing to the homeless, we must understand the main concerns of both the end user and society and get familiar with the (future) context. 
Based on 3 expert interviews and 2 workshops, Reframing Studio created a framework that reveals behavior and concerns of the future homeless. This framework will help Traverse to create a future proof policy and offer meaningful care, shelter, housing and support to the homeless, now and in the upcoming years.

Health and Science
Project kick-off: 
February 2016
Project delivered: 
April 2016
Service Design
Framework Development
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Beatrijs Voorneman
Emilie Tromp
Lotte Jacobse
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