reframing manure

the future meanings of animal manure


What is the future meaning of animal manure?

The Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned Reframing Studio to explore the future meanings of animal manure. The current context offers little perspective for new sustainable ways to make use of manure. Processing is highly restricted by legislation, the demand for manure or products from manure processing is unclear. On top of that the players in het market lack trust in each other are generally suspicious of anything to do with innovation. In short, the farming sector is in dire need of a new perspective on the subject. Download the Project Report here.We applied our Reframing approach to reveal four future meanings of livestock-manure from a societal perspective. And we conceived over a dozen interventions aimed at kick-starting the market for manure. When applied in unison these relatively small interventions can bring about a future of farming where livestock manure is a valuable resource with a broad range of applications and corresponding business cases. 

Project kick-off: 
November 2015
Project delivered: 
May 2016
Service Design
Framework Development
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Erik Kieskamp
Justus Tomlow
Lotte Jacobse
Roald Hoope
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