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Providing people agency

In the Western world we tend to neglect our mental wellbeing. We ignore feelings of stress, anxiety or sadness until the point that these develop themselves into burnouts, depressions and other mental issues. As much as one out of every four westerners may develop a mental issue during their lifetimes. In many of these cases, escalation towards severe mental illness can be prevented by a greater awareness and basic care of ones own mental health. By using ‘Hoofdzaken’, people remedy slight issues themselves, thereby staying in control and keeping the responsibility of their own mental wellbeing in their own hands.

why 'Hoofdzaken'?
Human behaviour is visible to all of us: we are able to see, hear, smell, and if we are close enough, even feel what others are doing. Our mental lives however, are for the most part obscured. To others, but very often also to ourselves because these mental lives consist of automatic patterns that are out of reach of our conscious mind. This is one of the main reasons why we find it hard to effectively change our behaviour.

‘Hoofdzaken’ provides a method to diagnose your mental wellbeing. ‘Hoofdzaken’ is based on a technique called ‘Experience Sampling Method’, or ESM. ‘Hoofdzaken’ uses ESM to enable you to become more aware of how you experience the quality of your daily life in relation to (I) purpose, (II) positive emotions, (III) negative emotions and (IV) how mindful you are. All of these are measured in relation to your personal context: your relations, your activities and your location.

how does 'Hoofdzaken' work?
Several times a day, ‘Hoofdzaken’ asks you to take a moment and analyse how you are feeling; how anxious do you feel? how exited are you? how focussed are you? Then it captures your current context by asking: who is with you, what are you doing and where are you? ‘Hoofdzaken’ makes the data available to you in an easy digestible attractive way. Based on the data, ‘Hoofdzaken’ will ask you to set a goal for yourself: Bring about change in the purpose you seek, your positive emotions, your negative emotions or how mindful you are. by collecting different series of sampling, ‘Hoofdzaken’ will be able to unveil the secret and tell you whether you made improvements or not.

'Hoofdzaken' is now available for IOS!
'Hoofdzaken' is based on research carried out by Prof. dr. J. van Os and Prof. dr. P. Deselpaul, designed by Reframing Studio and developed by Label A. 'Hoofdzaken' in currenly available for IOS. Download 'Hoofdzaken' here! 

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January 2017
Project delivered: 
October 2017
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Arjen Oenema
Beatrijs Voorneman
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