reframing organ donation

New public services to support people in making a decision on organ donation

In the Netherlands there is a shortage of donor organs. To increase the national donor base Reframing Studio worked with a team of stakeholders to envision new public services around organ donation that support people in making the decision to register.  

  • campaign by KesselsKramer

How can public services help people in making a decision on organ donation?

During the first phase of the project the project team, consisting of a diverse group of stakeholders, analyzed the old organ donation system. The key insight was that one of the most important barriers in making a decision on organ donation is that there is no natural moment when you should really make the decision. Because of the lack of a real ‘deadline’ the decision is easily postponed or put off. Furthermore, for many people the decision is not so straightforward as many campaigns make you believe. In our new design we wanted to introduce a natural moment for making the decision in an unpressured but natural way.

 The project team reframed the focus to registering for organ donation as a civic responsibility rather than an altruistic deed. It should be experienced as something that belongs to being a Dutch citizen. It followed that the most natural moment to ask people to make a decision on organ donation is the moment when you become an adult. Just like you get the right to vote or to obtain a driver’s licence, one of your responsibilities becomes making a decision on organ donation.Simultaneously a national campaign to promote organ donation was designed by KesselsKramer.



Health and Science
Project kick-off: 
March 2008
Project delivered: 
May 2010
Service Design
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Project developers: 
Femke de Boer
Matthijs van Dijk
Roald Hoope
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