reframing parenthood

reinforcing parents through design


What are the concerns of a parent in 2025?

Parenthood was never an easy job. In a rapidly changing world the meaning, tasks and concerns of a parent are changing. Platform 51, an initiative of ‘het centrum voor jeugd en gezin’ (governmental clinics devoted to preventative family care and well-being of babies and children), asked Reframing Studio to reframe the meaning of parenthood and to design tools that fit the new frame of reference. This resulted in a set of tools for parents and caretakers: 

A tear calendar; with tips, tasks and dilemmas to prepare parents for the great adventure ahead of them. 
A care wild-card; which parents can use, whenever they need extra support and attention from a caretaker. For example when their child has trouble eating or sleeping.

A care-wheel; that will guide fresh parents through the Dutch care-system. 



Health and Science
Project kick-off: 
July 2017
Project delivered: 
December 2018
Product Design
Service Design
Graphic Design
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Project developers: 
Beatrijs Voorneman
Lotte Jacobse
Minke Dijkstra
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Policy design
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