Reframing public service

The future of public service in Overijssel

In most cases, the Public Service Unit (Publiekszaken) is the first point of contact for residents, businesses and organizations, with the provincial government of Overijssel. The nature of the relationships between the unit and its clients can vary greatly, making the tone of voice a sensitive matter. For example, an applicant for a permit may need to be handled in a precise and slightly authoritative manner, while an inspirational and challenging attitude is more effective when convincing businesses to embrace sustainability in their daily operations. And to make it even more complex; the nature of the relationships varies over time. 

The Public Service Unit asked Reframing Studio to help them forecast the future of public service in Overijssel, and to help them determine their position in this future context. We developed a vision on public service which enables the unit to evaluate, improve and innovate their services.  

Together with communication and training agency Arboriginals, we created a training format in line with this vision. By means of a participative workshop format, all public service employees were introduced and familiarized with the new approach whereupon it was further integrated in the unit’s daily operations.

Project kick-off: 
May 2013
Project delivered: 
May 2014
Service Design
Framework Development
Project size: 
Project developers: 
Arjen Oenema
Beatrijs Voorneman
Nynke Tromp
Roald Hoope
Governance and politics
Innovation strategy
Policy design
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