Road of the Future (N329)

Rethinking the Expressway

How can we balance Sustainability, Mobility and the Driver Experience? 

When authorities tender infrastructural projects, increasingly sustainability plays a role. Usually parties propose to apply highly utilitarian innovations such as improved asphalt technologies and sustainable runoff management. Important and valid innovations but often rapidly commodified and, more importantly, having no effect on the biggest sustainability factor: the driver. In a team with architects, landscapers and Information architects, Reframing Studio reframed the assignment which was geared towards Construction and 'Earth moving Logistics': The team aimed at an expressway that affords smoother flow, less jams, lower speeds thus affecting sustainability in a considerable way. A coherent plan was created in which landscape architects designed an open, uncluttered environment matching the uncultivated sandy tracts supporting low vegetation (typically coarse grasses and Ericaceae) and occasionally scattered tree growth, particularly Pine. Together with Lighting systems and Road signs specially designed for this road, it sets a stage communicating a Green Road. The real sustainability gain is realized by the motorist due to the optimized driving behaviour afforded by the in-car assistant Flowman. This road (N239) inspired 'road design' and serves as a reference for the future.

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August 2010
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May 2011
Product Design
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Highways & Rail Tracks
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Gijs Ockeloen
Rick Porcelijn

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