Self service entrance for automated bicycle parking facilities

Providing a pleasant interaction between user and machine

In the past years Reframing Studio has helped NS Stations to develop the vision and design for hosted bicycle parking facilities at train stations. While this design was being rolled out over several locations, we were asked to also work on the design of the automated bicycle parking facilities of smaller train stations. These facilities are not hosted by personnel but feature an automatic gate that only opens when the user performs certain steps. The technical features and sturdy material used in the current gate, designed to keep unwanted visitors out, made users feel unpleasant or locked up when going into the gate alone. 

Our challenge was to redefine the balance between user friendliness and safety in the facility and create a design that would give people trust that they can enter and exit the parking facility without assistance. We designed a gate that offers more transparency and clusters all the interactive components in one place. A wooden rail offers a place to support the users bike while they are performing the needed steps to open the gate. 

Together with Kaba, Siemens and Van ‘t Wout, we further developed the design for implementation in a pilot in Bilthoven.

  • Self service bicycle gate impression
  • Self service bicycle gate sketches
  • Self service bicycle gate mock up by van 't Wout
  • Self service bicycle gate screens
  • Self service bicycle gate pilot
  • Self service bicycle gate pilot panel
Project kick-off: 
February 2014
Project delivered: 
March 2016
Product Design
Service Design
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Project developers: 
Arjen Oenema
Beatrijs Voorneman
Erik Kieskamp
Femke de Boer
Michiel Boonacker
Public transport
Public space
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