Skolkovo Innovation Centre

8 succes factors to make an innovative ecosystem lively, attractive and effective.

Which conditions make an innovative ecosystem lively, attractive and effective?

Near Moscow, constructions are ongoing concerning what should become the Russian “Silicon Valley”. The buildings are being designed by international architects such as O.M.A and Hertog & de Meuron. Already collaborations have been signed with companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, General Electric, Siemens, Nokia and Google. For the organization of university education a collaboration has been set up with MIT.

Reframing Studio has been requested to research what conditions will stimulate the creation of an attractive future community. Late 2011, Reframing Studio presented eight “success factors” Skolkovo should embody in order to become a lively, attractive and effective innovation-ecosystem. In 2012, Reframing Studio has translated these “factors of success” into concrete services and policies.

Public design
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January 2011
Project delivered: 
January 2012
Service Design
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Matthijs van Dijk
Roald Hoope
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