Vision on public service design

Reframing the relation between citizen and government

How should the government set about improving and innovating the public services we all use? The Dutch ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations approached Reframing Studio to create a new perspective on the way public services are being designed. The resulting framework is applied in both national government departments (e.g. organ donor registration) as well as by local authorities (e.g. dog taxes, social care services).

How can public services improve the relation between government and citizens?

Reframing Studio developed a radical new vision on public service design based on interviews conducted with experts. The key insight is that there are nine possible relations between citizen and government that are relevant to public service design. In each relation a different citizen concern should be addressed and a specific quality of interaction between citizen and government is required. Therefore each relation should translate into a different design direction.

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Public design
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June 2011
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June 2011
Service Design
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Femke de Boer
Matthijs van Dijk
Roald Hoope
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