In our projects we design concrete yet bold solutions that are vehicles for social change. We work in a wide range of domains, from mental health to restoring biodiversity and everything in between. 

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Future of parenting

Commissioned by the Bondgenoten we explored the future of parenting and growing up in the Rijnmond Region of 2030. Based on this exploration, the Bondgenoten defined their joint ambitions. With the Garage 2020 and the Bondgenoten as our partners, we are now working on their ambitions and shaping the future of raising and growing up, through concept development, prototyping and user evaluations. After working on a play free state (in collaboration with Villa Zebra), to enhance free play, we are now dreaming about the future of inclusive education (in collaboration with Cult North). Our last project in this series is about designing the equal dialogue between youth that got stuck in life and their (formal and informal) caretakers. 


Redesigning relapse

In this project, funded by the Agis innovatiefonds, we are exploring how adolescents struggling with addiction can be supported. In this new perspective we shift the focus from preventing relapse to strengthening the resilience of youngsters and their social network to deal with the ups and downs that are part of the journey to recovery. This project is done in collaboration with Brijder Jeugd. 

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Louwman Group 2035

Reframing Studio was commissioned by Louwman Group to carry out an exploration of the Dutch mobility domain in 2035. This exploration aims to provide a future vision on mobility and mobility behaviours, priming Louwman Group for the mobility-related challenges our society will face in the coming years. Based on this vision, Reframing Studio will develop new mobility interventions that fit the future of Louwman Group and society in 2035.

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Reframing Studio is an independent innovation agency with over 25 years of experience.

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Reframing Studio

Reframing Studio is an independent innovation agency with over 25 years of experience.