A retail formula that anticipates on the different behaviours of railway passengers

The new Kiosk is a self service retail formula located in train stations and on platforms. The concept and layout of the Kiosk is based on four different roles of people in public space, in this case on a railway platform. The product portfolio and the shop itself is a build around these four roles. Since each role is driven by different travellers’ concern, each role needs different products. The design team translated this vision to the complete design, touching every aspect of the new formula: product portfolio (selection), the employees (contact with customer, training manual), identity (branding, communication, guidebook), the shops (from floor plans to innovative cooling) and roll-out (different designs for different stations).

 What behaviours should be addressed on a railway platform?

The concept and layout of the Kiosk is based on four different ‘travel modes’.  Not all travelers are equal. When people travel they do so in one of four different modes (see framework above).  Needs and desires change with each mode, and the mode a traveler is in depends entirely on context. Considering these different travel modes helped the client to explore latent and overlooked possibilities for consumption  while travelling.

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Justus Tomlow
Matthijs van Dijk
Michiel Boonacker
Rick Porcelijn
Food and retail
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