Reframing Studio is an independent innovation agency with over 25 years of experience. We use our skills and expertise to shape future societies through design.
Reframing Studio was founded as a design and innovation consultancy in 1993. We began as a company that designed innovative products for industry. In the years our interest shifted to the role of design in major societal transformations in such diverse areas as healthcare, mobility, ecology and democracy. As a consequence, we moved away from designing for solely individual and commercial interests. We matured into a company that uses design to collectively reimagine alternative futures and responsibly effect change. Good solutions improve people’s lives, great solutions improve how society functions as a whole. 
This is easier said than done. A society is an extremely complex system, full of interdependencies, and in constant flux. This means that the issues we deal with are often highly complex and intertwined. The Reframing method helps us to cope with the complexity needed to effectively contribute to meaningful societal change.
In 2016 the Reframing academy was launched. Our academy enables organisations and students to cope with future challenges and turn ambition into action.  

Reframing Studio Rotterdam

Meet the team

Reframing Studio has remained a small design company with purpose. This allows us to react and move swiftly, directly and without adding excess overheads. All our reframers are involved in education, participating in juries and committees, organizing workshops and lectures. We take pride in creating personal relationships with our clients and keep ourselves available to them as much as possible.


We work within an ecosystem of like-minded organisations and companies that share a similar attitude towards innovation. This enables us to improvise and respond to opportunities as they arise while being able to keep quality high and perfect core competences. We also initiate and participate in collaborative networks to accelerate transitions. 

Gran Studio

We have a longstanding relationship with our reputed sister studio, the product design and mobility experts Gran Studio, based in Turin Italy. Gran Studio was founded early 2011 by Lowie Vermeersch and a team of automotive design experts with the vision of creating a new type of design house that combines their combined vast experience in automotive design with a multidisciplinary approach. 

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Redesigning Society Foundation

Reframing Studio is one of the founders of the Redesigning Society Foundation. One of the projects this foundation took the initiative for is Redesigning Psychiatry, an ambitious project with 10 healthcare organizations focussed on redesigning the complete Dutch mental health care sector for 2030.

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Garage 2020

We often collaborate with youth care innovation platform Garage 2020. The platform works with an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, data scientists, developers, design thinkers and philosophers. We co-designed several interventions and train young members of the platform in the reframing mindset.

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Reframing Studio

Reframing Studio is an independent innovation agency with over 25 years of experience.