Matthijs van Dijk

Founder, Partner

Prof. Matthijs van Dijk (1965, The Netherlands) founded the Amsterdam and Rotterdam based design consultancy Reframing Studio in 1992.  Drawing on his experience in robotics engineering, innovation methodologies, and strategic design, he lends to Reframing Studio his expertise in unraveling patterns in complex systems.

Mat­thijs holds two part-time chairs in academia: Professor of Applied Design, Delft University of Technology and Professor of Strategic Design, NTNU Norway.

He is co-author of the book Vision in Design, A Guidebook for Innovators (now in its 3rd edition), embraced by both academia and design practitioners. Matthijs is a frequent speaker (national and international) and highly regarded member of juries and committees. He is also one of the founders and board members of the Design and Emotion Society (1999-2016) and the Redesigning Society Foundation (2022 – present).

Matthijs thrives between established categories. He feels most energized and responsible when defending (future) society: working on themes like citizenship & democracy, art & culture, mobility, education, biodiversity, and mental wellbeing.

Matthijs Van Dijk
Reframing Studio

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