Beatrijs Voorneman

Senior Designer and Researcher

Beatrijs Voorneman studied industrial design in Delft and quickly became fascinated by the philosophical side of design. Why do we make what we make, and what effect does what we make have on people? From that fascination, in addition to her master's degree in Design for Interaction, she also took courses in the Psychology Bachelor's program at Erasmus University.

Beatrijs designs with a strong sense of responsibility and a good dose of moral ambition. She believes that together with her colleagues, she can make the world a better place. She also enjoys sharing her passion with others, regularly providing workshops, training, and master classes.

At Reframing Studio, Beatrijs designs for a wide range of issues in education, play, (mental) healthcare, mobility, HR, food, agriculture, and nature. For example, she recently worked on a vision for meaningful employership commissioned by the HR director of the University of Amsterdam, and currently, on behalf of the Rotterdam Bondgenoten, she is developing a traveling Play-Free State together with Lucca.
In addition to her work at Reframing Studio, Beatrijs is a driving force and designer in the Redesigning Psychiatry Movement and is closely involved as a designer and facilitator at the SFYN Academy.

In 2018, together with Femke, Beatrijs opened the Rotterdam office of Reframing Studio.

Beatrijs Voorneman
Reframing Studio

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