Lotte Jacobse

Senior Designer and Researcher

For Lotte the privilege of being a designer is to have the opportunity to positively influence the way people interact with each other and the world around them. But this privilege comes with a responsibility: to design in an ethical way. This ambition is her core drive in each project. She loves to dive into new topics and domains, to get to the core of design issues, and to define meaningful future relationships. Lotte is involved in many workshops and educational programs and enjoys to enable and inspire others to innovate with a positive impact on people and society.

Lotte studied Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft and graduated cum laude in 2015. After her graduation she started working at Reframing Studio, where she worked on a variety of domains like mental heath care, work, and education. Currently she is working on 'Mentaal Lokaal' and 'Mentale Gymnastiek', both projects with a mission to improve the mental wellbeing of children and adolescents in the Netherlands.

Lotte leads the Reframing Academy and is one of the leading designers in the Redesigning Psychiatry movement.

Lotte Jacobse
Reframing Studio

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