reframing independency



How can we increase the independency for people with learning difficulties? 

People with a mental disability experience the rapidly changing world as more and more complex. In this world, where time is scarce, emerges a group of people looking for 'flexibel' volunteer work. VraagApp is a smartphone app that aims to connect these people. 'Vragenstellers' are able to ask any question anonomously at all times, allowing them to move more freely and independenly in a complex world. 'flexible volunteers' commit to a questions that fit their interests at a moments it suits them.
Amerpoort comissioned Reframing Studio and E-Hulp to develop various concepts to genuinely support people with intellectual disabilities while remaining independent in their everyday lives. VraagApp, formaly known as 'DenkTank' emerged as one of the concepts. Comissioned by '3 Times Impact', VraagApp is designed by Reframing Studio, developed by 'De Wortel van Drie' and is currently available for both IOS and Android! Download VraagApp here.

Project kick-off: 
January 2018
Project delivered: 
January 2018
Project size: 
Project developers: 
Arjen Oenema
Beatrijs Voorneman
Erik Kieskamp
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