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Encouraging social design talent while boosting language proficiency

In 2019 and 2021, the Reframing Academy curated and carried out the Hema Foundation Accelerator. This program that was set up to train young, eager design talents to become 'social designers', by teaching them how to apply the Reframing Method in their own work. During a 9-month program, they created concepts to stimulate language proficiency among Dutch citizens. The Accelerator was created in collaboration with the Hema Foundation, and Aimforthemoon.

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The participants search for a coherence in their context research findings. Each participant represents one ‘driving force’.


The accelerator took place each Friday. Workshop days were alternated with days of 'homework', and during each workshop circa 20 participants were introduced to a new step in the process and applied the knowledge immediately on the design case. A group of experts was present throughout the program to provide feedback and share their knowledge. The program was divided into three phases:

1. Future framing | During this first phase, the group worked as one research team to map the future of language proficiency in 2030, identifying future challenges and needs of Dutch citizens that will arise. While practicing skills like interviewing experts, conducting a literature study and structuring context factors.

2. Concept creation | In this phase, participants convened into smaller design teams and chose a specific challenge and future need to design for. Each team worked towards a meaningful concept, by carrying out small experiments with intended users and validating key assumptions.

3. Concept validation | During the final phase each team validated their desired impact by conducting user experiments and iterating their concepts. At the same time they obtained relevant entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. They presented their concepts on the DemoDay in front of an audience filled with relatives and potential social businesspartners.

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Curious to learn more about the meaningful concepts that resulted from the accelerator? Take a look at Buikpraat ( and Open eind (, two examples of design teams who developed their concept further after the program.

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