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Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

How should the national government deal with information in the future?

Approaching 2030, the Dutch government will face increasingly complex challenges when it comes to information and information management. Reframing Studio was asked by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to explore these challenges under the project name 'Future Lab'. The result is a vision on information in 2030, as well as concepts that put this vision into practice.


Information is a broad concept, so the project spans a wide range if theme's and challenges. From addressing the ever growing amount of data, to guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and reliability of information. And from responsible use of new information technologies to discovering and addressing the relevance of future skills. Every civil servant, policy maker and politician processes and produces information. It is evident that the importance of good information management cannot be overlooked.

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Future Lab report


The first step in tackling this challenge was an exploration of the future context: what factors and driving forces influence information use in 2030? A broad range of experts, and literature was consulted; a deep-dive into the future of information. The next step was to establish the coherence between these driving forces, in order to gain a new perspective on the future context of information in society. Using this new perspective, we investigated how attitudes towards information are changing. This led to a question that is essential to all government activities: which public values will be under pressure as a result of these changing attitudes? Knowing this, which public values should be leading in dealing with information and what ethical aspects deserve extra attention? This path led us to the desired attitude towards information.

Jacqueline Rutjens, Director Rijksprogramma Duurzaam Digitale Informatiehuishouding
It was an eye-opener to see that there is not one, but a variety of possible attitudes to information. There is not one future.
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launch of the Future Lab field guide


The future perspective on information, cast into a 'framework', combined with the desired attitude towards information, informs the development of new tools, routines, environments and job descriptions for the Dutch government. Reframing Studio has developed a range of these interventions, as well as four future scenario's that incorporate several interventions. These scenario's, along with the vision, were presented by Reframing Studio at several symposia for government employees. Furthermore, an in-depth report and a short animation was published under the name ‘Future Lab’ and distributed through the government-wide magazine iBestuur. Lastly, a two-year track of workshops and sessions with civil servants from all levels of government has led to the publication of the 'Future Lab Field Guide', a workbook for innovators in the public information sector.

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