We create change through the design of meaningful products, services, spaces and systems.

Design is a means to catalyze change. We help you to translate your mission and strategy into meaningful products, environments and systems that can help to empower people and organizations to transition to a desired future.

We have experience with a broad range of design disciplines, from service to interaction design and from social to system design. Depending on the desired impact, the appropriate intervention can be a new product, environment, policy or even new language.

Before we start ideating, we determine how we want people to use, experience and see the future intervention. We subsequently explore and visualize a range of concepts that reach this desired effect. This leads to a cycle of prototyping, building, testing, and iterating, that we carry out in close dialogue with you and your end users. Through craftmanship we translate the original idea to a product that can work in the real world. 

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Reframing Studio

Reframing Studio is an independent innovation agency with over 25 years of experience.