We share our work and method by showing inspiring examples from practice.

Reframers are storytellers. In each project we dive into a new domain and context, obtain new perspectives, and create new future realities. Not only do we enjoy this endless learning process, we also love to tell you about it.

We tailor our story to each specific audience, depending on your learning objectives or fields of interest. We feel at ease both at large stages or in intimate settings. We tell our story by sharing project-related insights and we highlight elements of our design process. How do we relate to a diverse group of people with varying backgrounds? How do we choose the right starting point for context research? How to use Reframing as a strategic innovation tool?

In our lectures we use appealing examples from practice to answer these questions, and to show how the Reframing mindset can be of value in your daily work. Amongst our audiences were Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Justice and Security, Samsung and the United Nations cities programme. 

7 Reframing Studo Expertise Lectures
Reframing Studio

Reframing Studio is an independent innovation agency with over 25 years of experience.