Guiding transitions

We lay out roadmaps to innovation and create relevant partnerships to steer society towards desirable outcomes.

Transition design is all about committing to a long-term vision an acting accordingly. We help you to translate a future vision into transformation paths and concrete actions for the short term. 
Many societal issues like urban mobility and income inequality are defined by complex interdependencies and conflicting logics. Transition design therefore starts with understanding how we can influence systems on a micro, meso and macro level. This can entail doing experiments to see how a system responds but also challenging current worldviews.
To accelerate transitions, we design collaborative ecosystems to stimulate the flow of ideas. In these ecosystems we build partnerships and cross-sector collaborations based on shared values and collective goals. Often, we also participate in these networks ourselves. Recent examples are Redesigning Society and the Flood Resilient Landscapes research network.

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