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Envisioning flood resillient landscapes with value for society

The Netherlands is not finished. There are large spatial tasks and transitions ahead, such as climate change, making agriculture and the energy sector more sustainable, restoring biodiversity, but also, for example, the task of housing construction and ensuring sufficient clean (drinking) water. In the latest IPCC report (August 2021), we see that climate change is accelerating: faster rise in sea level, more intense precipitation and more extreme periods of heat and drought. In short, it is time to roll up our sleeves to keep the Dutch Delta safe and livable. Together with Deltares we are developing the concept of Flood Resillient Landscapes. 

Femke de Boer
Minke Dijkstra
Arjen Oenema
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For the ongoing development of flood-resilient landscapes, together with Deltares we are setting up an ecosystem consisting of government authorities, other research institutes, NGOs and private parties. In the coming years we will up the pace with assistance from the subsidy for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality’s project www.waterveiligheidslandschappen.nl that we are working on with Wageningen Environmental Research. That work involves two lines. On a regional scale, we are focusing on the development and application of methodology and instruments in area cases. On the national scale, we are setting up a frame with future typical flood-resilient landscapes and developing generic building blocks. That makes it possible to apply solutions more widely.

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